Back From Seattle

View from the Warwick Hotel
Originally uploaded by ScruffyNerf.

Today is my first day back to work after having been to web development training in Seattle last week. I’m beyond sluggish this morning as my body tries to adjust to the time difference. I’m hoping that it doesn’t take too long for everything to get back to normal!

Seattle was absolutely gorgeous. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit. I was terribly impressed by the view of the Space Needle from the hotel room (the Warwick Hotel).

Highlights of the trip:

  1. The training was excellent. My head is spinning because I learned that I have way more work to do than I thought in order to get our library web site into the new content management system that the college purchased.
  2. Mount Rainier was my favorite sight. I definitely have a thing for natural phenonema, especially mountains (we only have piddly little hills in the southeastern Massachusetts area). My husband and I took over 1200 pictures on our trip and a good percentage are of Mount Rainier. We were lucky to have had beautiful (and very sunny) weather in Seattle. This meant that Mount Rainier was always visible.
  3. Vancouver, British Columbia was also a beautiful city. However, everything was incredibly expensive. The exchange rate was about 80 American cents to the Canadian dollar (a friend from Vancouver also explained that most retailers lag behind in keeping up with changes in the rate. The actual rate should have been about 93 American cents to the Canadian dollar. That is a HUGE difference. Fortunately, it dawned on my at this point that paying by credit card would be the best move).
  4. I was absolutely horrified by the fact that the family sitting in front of me on the flight to Seattle had a kitten with them. Jet Blue allows pets on board, so the family wasn’t breaking any rules. However, the kitten was in a duffel bag stored under a seat. It meowed for a good portion of the flight. The father would open the bag a bit to try and get the kitten to stop making noise. I will admit to not being an animal person – and that I would prefer not to have had a pet on board even in a proper storage container (although I have no clue what type of container that would be). However, I thought it rather cruel that someone kept a kitten in a duffel bag on a six hour flight. Seriously, this made me incredibly uncomfortable. I had to turn the volume up on the tv hookup in order to try and drown out the noise.

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