Library Day in the Life: Monday

I was quite intrigued by the idea of the people writing about what their daily life working in a library is like. I think it is a great idea. I have enjoyed reading the posts the others have written, and thought it might be fun to participate. So, here’s my contribution. I hope you enjoy the glimpse of what daily life is like for a systems librarian!

As I mentioned, I was away at web development training in Seattle last week. Given that I did not return home until Monday morning, I took Monday off as a vacation day. Even though I wasn’t at work, I thought I would include what my day was like.

7:10AM: The plane lands in Boston at Logan Airport after a 5 1/2 hour filled with nasty, nasty turbulence. A couple people actually had to use those little bags in the seat pockets. Yuck!!! I have never been so glad to be off a plane in my life. My dad is waiting at the airport to take my husband and I home.

8:15AM: My husband and I arrive home. I eat a chocolate donut before heading to bed. By this point, I have been up for almost 24 hours and am exhausted.

12:15PM: I get up and plop myself in front of my laptop. While I had my pda/phone with me in Seattle, I used it simply to check my work email. I was not online much, and was definitely feeling some online withdrawal. I organize my work email. There are several things waiting for me when I return to work. Fortunately, I had no voice mails waiting. It appeared as if returning to work would not be too painful. I spent much of the afternoon online while also watching all of the tv shows that we had DVR’d while we were away.

5:00P: I spent some time reviewing material from the web development training.

9:00PM: Went to bed


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