A Diploma Arrives

My diploma from SCSU
My diploma from SCSU

Look what I found in my front door this morning! I wasn’t expecting this for at least two more months, so I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the envelope. It is a bit funny that this envelope had been in my front door for several days. I remember seeing it several days ago when I got home from work, but kept forgetting to actually open the front door and get it. Fortunately, it survived two days of heavy, heavy downpours. Thank goodness that the mail person had put it in a bag!!

Anyway, I was very excited to actually have the piece of paper in hand. It definitely feels much more official now. Cool!


3 Responses to A Diploma Arrives

  1. mrlindner says:

    Yay for paper-based products in an electronic world! 😉

    Congrats again!

  2. Jennifer says:

    I agree! It is good to know that paper still has some serious power. Thanks!

  3. Toni says:

    Welcome to the club! 😉

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