Library Day in the Life: Thursday

8:45AM: Make it in to work. My sleep cycles may be finally getting back to normal. Read email, get ready for the day.

9:00AM: Started working on our website redesign project. I began entering content into a page built from our new library template in order to figure out how the new page behaves. I will work on this all day when not working on something else.

10:30AM: IT meeting. Although I am not technically part of the IT department, I do go to their weekly meetings. A majority of the work that I do relies upon (and affects) the IT department  – enough that I need to have an extremely close relationship with the department. We discuss the external DNS entry that I need. Consensus seems to be that this is okto go ahead with. I need to speak to our network administrator later.

12:10PM: Return to the library from the IT meeting. Wade through email and listen to voice mail (which were all telemarketer type calls).

12:30PM: Go to lunch!

1:30PM: Return from lunch. Email waiting from government documents that there are several frozen records in our integrated library system. I free the records and email the requester. She had another record that needed to be freed. I freed this record also.

1:45PM: The acquisitions librarian emailed me that she could not get into her vacation log. The file is kept on a computer in my office. I realize that the computer is off. We had a power outage last night when several thunderstorms went through the area. I turned the computer on and emailed the requester. All seemed to work fine.

2:00PM: Left a message asking the network administrator to give me a call.

2:05PM: Read through performance management goals. I need to set goals for the person who works for me for this coming fiscal year. The goals are due by the end of July. I have started on the goals, but need to do more.

3:10PM: The network administrator calls. We go over what I need done. He will assign the server an external IP address and call our ISP in order to request that the external DNS entry is mapped to the IP address.

4:00PM: Work on adding 15 lists in Word document form to our website for our government document librarian. This task is rather time consuming and I haven’t been able to get to it this week so far. I had added these lists to our website in June, but they got overwritten when the college went live with its new website on June 30th. ARGH!!! I absolutely hate having to redo work, especially when I should have realized that these pages would have been overwritten.

5:00PM: Head home.


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