Library Day in the Life 2009: Wednesday

When I look back at today, I find that I really can’t remember it all that well. I’m not sure what that might mean. Sadly, I didn’t take good notes today.

I arrive at work. It is still hot and humid. Everything in my office is sticky. Fortunately, the sun is not out. That should make it less hot. I go through my email, RSS feeds, etc. I respond to questions and followup on items that need my attention. I remember to email my employee so that we can get her performance review stuff settled.

I contiue preparing for a 10AM meeting with college’s web developer about several databases our archivist has that need to be put on the web. I look through her files. They are all in Access databases – which makes me cringe.

I gather up 5 backup tapes for our library system and head across campus to the IT offices. I need to exchange the backup tapes with the woman who changes and initializes our tapes each day during the week. After exchanging the tapes, I head to my meeting.

The meeting is short. There are no good solutions. I need to discuss this with the web developer and her boss to figure out how IT would like to proceed. I email her boss and now have a meeting scheduled for next Tuesday.

I talk to the archivist to apprise her of the results of the meeting. We may need to start looking at other solutions. I do some research on this.

I go out to get pizza for lunch. I again eat in my office because the heat in the staff room is worse than my office.

The circulation supervisor finished adding new loan rules to our library system for the new location codes we are creating. So, the project is back in my hands. I start working on next steps and working out a tentative time line.

One of our reference librarians was working on her annual report, complete with statistics. She was having trouble getting her charts labeled correctly. I spent at least 1/2 with her, but we couldn’t get the chart right. Everything we did kept messing up the chart. I think we will try again tomorrow.

I head home – and am psyched when I arrive at home to feel that my husband put the ac on. Coolness!


2 Responses to Library Day in the Life 2009: Wednesday

  1. Joe says:


    I’m glad to see you blogging again and have enjoyed reading your posts this week. I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the MLS tunnel now (little less than a year to go). It’s been nice to read what a “typical” day is like, although I can’t imagine being without A/C in this weather ?!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Hi Joe, Good luck finishing up your MLS! Thanks for the comment. I am trying to get back to blogging – of course, we shall see how that goes. The a/c thing has been tough, but I think it has been resolved.

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