A Return to Blogging?

Over the past year, blogging has been a nonexistent priority in my life. The major reason for this is that school wiped me out – sapped me of almost everything that I had to give. Working as a systems librarian full-time and attending library school meant that almost every waking thought that I had was about libraries. I admit that I got to a point where I really needed to confine my library-related thoughts to my work schedule. I was afraid that I was coming to hate the word library. So once I finished my schooling and realized that I needed some space, I started looking for ways to take more time for me. Given the amount of time and effort that blogging takes, I decided to let it go. And you know, it did help.

Oddly enough, I have missed blogging – quite a bit. I can’t say that I am surprised by this fact. This was always a place where I worked through my own thoughts about library-related issues. When blogging, I found that I paid more attention to things that were happening in the library world. I thought about them more consciously – and I admit that I cared about them more. Since allowing myself to take a break, I have noticed that I pay less attention to things that are happening in the wider library sphere. I am much more narrowly focused in scope. This isn’t bad. It was probably a good thing. I think that I needed to narrow my focus in order to make it through the past year. The past two years at work have been particularly stressful, and I needed to reorient myself in order to find a better way to deal with the stress – and to give myself some time to figuring out what my place in the library world might be.

I believe that things have leveled out a bit (or I have just become used to how things now are). I’m starting to care more about what is going on in the greater library world. So will I return to blogging? I hope so. I have been thinking about it for the past six months. I dont’ think that I have quite figured out what my place in the library world definitively is, but I think that blogging can help. The Library Day in the Life meme was the perfect motivation. I do hope to continue blogging. I can’t promise anything (to those of you have asked), but I think it would do me good. We shall see!

3 Responses to A Return to Blogging?

  1. Jeff Scott says:

    I think everyone has to take time off and prioritize. In the end, the thing that brought you to blogging will be the thing that brings you back.

    It’s good to see you back.

  2. Eric Bowen says:

    Comcast sucks. They sent a technician out to my house 2 hours after the time they told me they would be here. I have a burgular alarm on my house, and comcast switched me over from AT&T. The technician did not have a clue what to do, and now I have no burgular alarm on my home. I called them back immediately after discovering the problem, and the earliest they could come out and fix the problem is four days later at a time when i’m supposed to be at work. My house git broken into two months ago, that is my reason for getting a burgular alarm. I also do not have a phone jack in my kitchen now next to my computer, becuse the technician they sent out did not know how to fix this problem either. al he neede to do was install a DLS splitter like AT&T installed when they installed internet in my house. I think switching over to comcast was one of the worst mistakes i could have made in my life.

  3. Ross Day says:

    And the nice thing is with feed readers we’ll be ready anytime you want to come back.

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