It’s Time to Move Along

December 20, 2009

I have to say that my decision to start a blog back in September of 2005, when I started graduate school, was one of the most edifying parts of my educational experience. It gave me a venue to work though my school experiences as well as my thoughts on various topics relating to library science. I have definitely missed blogging. It seems to me that I was more attentive to different trends in the library world and more thoughtful about how they impacted the things I was studying and my library work.

However, I made a conscious choice when I began blogging to try to focus my comments on graduate school rather than on my work as a systems librarian. I didn’t always follow this internal mandate – after all, I my profession certainly colored my educational experiences and my opinions on various issues. The strictures that I had set became a problem for me when I got close to finishing school. I grew more and more frustrated with my experiences in a distance program and more focused on work because of things that were happening in my library (and in the greater institution). I had several issues that I wanted to write about, but I definitely started discarding the majority of my posts because they were becoming more and more removed from my educational experience. This trend only continued once I actually graduated.

The ironic thing is that I really wasn’t conscious of why I kept starting posts and then deleting them until quite recently. In August, I participated in the “Library Day in the Life” meme which caused me to seriously think about blogging and whether or not I wanted to continue. I definitely wanted to continue, but still found myself stymied. Shortly thereafter, I realized that I wasn’t able to blog under the original constraints that I had set for this blog as one about my library school experiences.

Ultimately, I decided that I needed to formally put this blog to bed. I figured it would be best for me to first decide if I wanted to start another blog or not. After much soul-searching, I decided that blogging had been extremely beneficial for me. It had allowed me to participate in larger library conversations. As an introvert who doesn’t feel very comfortable in large groups of unknown people, I don’t often participate in conferences or face-to-face gatherings. I found that this blog helped me become aware of myself and my role in the larger library world. I learned not only from my own blog musings, but from many others. Blogging was very good for me, and I do not want to return to the more insular library world in which I was living four to five years ago.

So, I have started a new blog in which I plan to focus a bit more on the issues that I face in my day-to-day life as a systems librarian. More can be found there.

(In case anyone wonders what prompted this:
I did make this decision in early November, but a very hectic work schedule and a recent two-week vacation in Sydney, Australia made my life a wee bit crazy. I admit that I was prompted to sit down this week after reading the latest edition of Walt Crawford’s January 2010 issue of Cites and Insights. And, I needed to procrastinate about Christmas shopping. This weekend’s blizzard helped some as well.  🙂 )