More Grades are In . . .

June 5, 2006

My grades were posted a bit earlier than expected. The school lists June 5th as the day grades become available online. However, I was psyched to see them listed earlier. Fortunately, I passed both classes. It is kind of nice to see 9 credits towards my degree. That makes me 1/4 of the way done. YEAH!!!!! While I can’t quite see the light at the end of the tunnel, I feel as if I am more entrenched in the program.

And on another happy note, my book for my summer class finally came in on Saturday. Now, I feel like things are complete for the summer.

Grade for Gov Docs Term Project

May 23, 2006

I got my grade for my term project for ILS504 – Reference & Information Resources & Services this morning. I’m glad to say that I passed. I worked hard on this project to design a bibliographic instruction session for college upper classmen doing statistical research using government document census materials. I designed a class and created a web-based pathfinder for the students in the class. So, I was happy to find that this project got the highest grade of all of my work in this class this semester. I put way more work into this project than any of the other assignments, so I shouldn’t be too surprised. Now, I just have to wait until June 5th to get my actual grade for the semester. (This seems to be a long time to wait for grades, but I haven’t been in school in a while so maybe not).

One class down . . . One to go

April 25, 2006

I finished my term project for ILS504 – Reference and Information Resources and Services. I’m done, I’m done, I’m done. YEAH!!! I turned it in on Sunday evening (April 24th) and had an incredible feeling of joy. Finishing work for a class is a wonderful feeling. Of course, I cannot bask in the glory because I have another project due for ILS503 – Foundations of Librarianship on April 29th. I have to get cracking to make sure that everything is in order for that. However, for right now, I’m done, I’m done, I’m done. YEAH!!!!!

My term project for ILS 504 was to design a library instruction class. I chose to design a class geared to teaching college upper classmen how to use federal government sources, specifically census resources, to complete a research project that required statistical evaluation. I mentioned previously that I love government documents. I worked as a gov docs assistant at a Federal Depository Library for 4 year (plus 3 years of work study while in college). I figured that my previous knowledge of gov docs would allow me to spend more time on the actual design of the project. I hope that this is the case. It was a fun project – yet, I’m psyched to be done. The final project is available online in my eportfolio.

I’m done, I’m done, I’m done!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah!!

Final Projects

April 12, 2006

I have two final projects that I am working on for both of my classes. In Foundations of Librarianship (ILS503), we were assigned a semester long project that is a “major (hands on) course project ” [quoted from syllabus]. The project’s focus was to design and implement an information service. The professor stressed that we are supposed to implement this project. I am working on a project with another woman in my class on a project geared to the public library where she works. We are creating a pathfinder with resources for non-native English speakers. The plan is to include English as a Foreign Language, immigrant and Test of English as a Foreign Language resources for the Portuguese speaking population in a suburb of New York City. This has been a challenging project for me since I know very little about this subject.

For Reference and Information Resources and Services (ILS504), we are supposed to plan and design an instructional/training project for a targeted user group in a specific library. For my project, I am designing a library instruction class for upper level undergraduates doing research using census resources. The class will be geared to teaching the students about using federal government resources. I am fairly excited about this project – partly because I love government documents.

ILS504 – Exercise 1 – Get an Article from Buley Library

February 6, 2006

Our first exercise in ILS504 Reference and Information Services and Sources was to access an article from one of Buley Library’s online databases:

Unit 1 – Brief Report on Article

Fortunately, I set up my ID and PIN to access the online resources available through Buley Library last semester. With this information in hand, I went to Buley Library’s home page in order to complete our assignment to search and print out an article from one of Buley’s online databases. From the library’s home page, I clicked on the “Research Guides” link and followed the link to the library science subject guide. I attempted to use the Library Literature database. I authenticated myself via the library’s proxy server. However, the Library Literature link took me to an Ovid Gateway screen where I received a “database wlib does not exist” error message. Undeterred, but mildly frustrated, I returned to the library home page and followed the “Online Databases” link. I chose the Library Science link from the subject drop down menu. The Emerald Full Text database was listed first one the page. I clicked on the link. At Emerald’s home page, I decided to browse by subject and clicked on the “Library Management and Information Services” subject listing. I browsed through the list of available titles in this subject area and settled upon Reference Services Review. I browsed through several years worth of issues and choose an article entitled “Who Says We’re Not Busy? Library Web Page Usage as a Measure of Public Service Activity,” because of my personal interest in web page statistics.

Citation:Welch, Jeanie M. (2005), Who Says We’re Not Busy? Library Web Page Usage as a Measure of Public Service Activity. Reference Services Review. 33 (4), 371(8).

Classes Have Begun

January 27, 2006

The spring semester has started. I’ve been reading like mad this week to get myself into the spirit of things. So far, I’m fairly excited about both classes – a little bit more so for my Foundations of Librarianship class (ILS503). But this is only because Reference and Information Resources and Services (ILS504) focuses on professsional competences for a reference librarian – and I know that I do not want to be a reference librarian. Admittedly, it is an important class – and I know that I will learn a great deal (and that I need to learn the material). Also, ILS503 delves into a historical perspective of libraries and information services along with current trends and challenges (paraphrased from class syllabus). These are the type of issues that are of primary interest to me.

One thing that I am very excited about is an assignment to do a biographical research report on someone important to the field of librarianship. I was assigned Robert S. Taylor – whom I had never heard of before. However, I have been researching him for the past week and am thoroughly enjoying the project. His interest in information science and systems is right up my alley

I Added Another Class

January 15, 2006

Last week, I decided to take a second class this spring semester. SCSU added another section of ILS504 Reference and Information Resources and Services. – and I felt compelled to try and take two classes this semester. I’m a bit nervous about the amount of work – two classes and a full time job – but hopeful that the workload won’t be too much. I have ordered the one required text and the two recommended texts – and am hoping they come in before classes start on the 29th of January.

Meanwhile, I’m continuing to read the textbook for ILS503 class (Foundations of librarianship) – Richard E. Rubin’s Foundations of Library and Information Science (2nd Edition – Neal Schuman Publishers, 2004). Admittedly, it is slow going. I have been enjoying the quite of life after the holidays and away from school – and now need to get myself back into school mode.