The Cutest Library-Theft Story Ever

March 18, 2008

What ever happened to the check-out cards left in the back of your books when the library automated? Did they become an “Object of Desire”? Check out this story of a library where these cards became something of interest to some 2nd and 3rd graders and the theft ring that formed around these cards. Warning – this story made me chuckle.

Friday Fun

November 9, 2007

Who doesn’t stay up at night pondering the identity of the Annoyed Librarian? I mean, the question of the identity of Deep Throat has nothing on the desire to unmask the contentious, yet comical Annoyed Librarian. I would stay up at night pondering this very weighty issue, but I don’t really know too many important people in libraryland. So really, I have no idea and no opinion on the matter. And well, I have other issues that keep me up (work, school, life, work, school, life, etc. ). Despite this fact, I find this conversation about the matter to be the funniest thing ever. It could not have been done any more ambiguously. Thanks to Meredith Farkas and the Annoyed Librarian (whether they be one in the same or not) for lots of Friday fun!!

More About Me

November 2, 2007

Since I can’t find much to get me interested in blogging, I have to take whatever I can get. These quizzes make me happy in a really weird sort of way! This one is pretty accurate – except I don’t think I have a great deal of power. Very interesting!

You Are Internal – Realist – Empowered

You feel your life is controlled internally.If you want something, you make it happen.You don’t wait around for things to go your way.You value your independence and don’t like others to have control.You are a realist when it comes to luck.You don’t attribute everything to luck, but you do know some things are random.You don’t beat yourself up when bad things happen to you…

But you do your best to try to make your own luck.

You have a good deal of power, but you also know the pecking order.

You realize that working the system does get you further.

You know who to defer to and who to control.

When it comes to the game of life, you play things flawlessly.

The Three Dimension Luck and Power Test

Found via The Itinerant Librarian.

A Book Is A Book Is A Book – Or Is It?

August 16, 2007

I’m fascinated by this discussion about books and what actually constitutes a book. There is quite a bit going on in these posts – and the discussion has changed focus during the ensuing conversation. Iris Jastram from Pegasus Librarian summarizes the discussion with the following: “Over at See Also, Steve and Dave* are hashing out whether a book is a book if it’s not printed on paper.” Both posts and the accompanying comments are worth reading. But what really caught my eye was a sentence in a comment left on Lawson’s post from Mark Lindner – “A book is not the contents at all; it is a specific form of container.” This is a response to David Lee King’s contribution that “The content in a book – the actual words… that’s the book.”

Hhmm . . . I guess last week I wouldn’t really have thought too much about the concept of a book. The notion means something specific to me – I understand my own conception of a book. But, it is obvious from this discussion that people have different ideas about what constitutes a book. In this discussion, my thoughts about books are much closer to David Lee King’s than to Mark Lindner’s. The word book, I believe, has come to mean much more than just the packaging. I read a book because of its content, not because of its format. I admit to prefering paper books for pleasure reading. However, I’m all for ebooks especially for things like textbooks and for shorter works. Last semester, I purchased one of my textbooks in ebook format, and I would do so again in a heartbeat. I refer to that electronic copy as a book. I think of it as a book. Its format is actually irrelevant to me. I have purchased several shorter length text in electronic format over the past several months. I still call them books – and have been surprised to find that it isn’t all that unfulfillling to read them on a computer screen.

One of the reasons for Lindner’s belief about books has to do with language and our use of it. I understand where he is coming from on this (and I’m not trying to add to his angst). I do agree with his assertion that book is not a content word. Books are books regardless of their content. However, the word book has become symbolic of a bigger reading experience – at least it has to me. The thought of books can evoke feelings – both good and bad. This isn’t unprecedented because words can often mean much more to people than what their definitions suggest they ought to mean. Language and its use is incredibly complex. It is dynamic – and connotation, implication, emphasis all change language dramatically.

I think this is a very complicated topic – and I doubt that everyone will agree with one another. But to me, a book isn’t always just a book. It’s meaning is in the eye of the beholder or rather the holder.

*Steve Lawson from See Also and David Lee King and his eponymously named blog.

8 Random Things

May 31, 2007

Mark Lindner has inspired me to join on the latest meme despite not being tagged. As one who doesn’t tag others, shouldn’t I feel free to join in?

Anyway, here are 8 random things about me:

  1. I would rather blog than start packing for my trip to Las Vegas. I might be in real trouble, if I don’t get started soon. The good news is that I am doing laundry.
  2. I live within 10 miles of where I was born – and within 5 miles of where I grew up. I work within 4 miles of where I live. I’m a creature of habit – who sticks close to home and really enjoys my short commute to work.
  3. I was voted “Most Quiet” in the 9th grade. Fortunately, the students who ran our class government decided to use some “hipper” categories for our high school yearbook. As such, I’m not forever immortalized in our high school yearbook in this manner. It is good thing that junior high yearbooks seem make fewer reappearances.
  4. I don’t garden or do well with plants. In fact, I’m known for my ability to kill all house plants. However, there is a beautiful, orange poppy plant in our yard. There is currently one flower on this poppy (see picture above). There are about 15 buds most of which look like they will bloom while I am away in Las Vegas – and I am bummed. I love this flower and look forward to its advent each spring.
  5. I wanted to study computer science in college, but was afraid of the math. I studied history instead. This is ironic because if you were to peruse my high school transcripts, math was the only subject in which I got high honors. Fortunately, I have learned to embrace the inner math geek inside of myself. Some of my coworkers (and husband) are amused by my love of Cross Sums. I almost always carry a copy of Dell’s Math Puzzles & Logic Problems with me.
  6. I can’t whistle – and can only snap the fingers on my left hand.
  7. I have a blue dot on the left side of my face right underneath my eye. My brother stabbed me with a pencil when he was 2 (and I was 4). I would have to have plastic surgery to remove it – and don’t feel compelled to go under the knife. I’ve had people that I didn’t really know try to wipe it off with their fingers. If you ever meet me, please don’t try and do that. Interestingly, I had to go look in the mirror to check what side of my face it was on.
  8. I own all episodes on DVD of Remington Steele, Alias, Silk Stalkings, and La Femme Nikita. I need to complete my sets of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the X-Files, MI-5 (or Spooks) and Magnum PI. I hope someday that they release Scarecrow & Mrs. King.

Bonus: This was much harder to do than I would have thought!!!

Excitement Reigns Supreme!

May 30, 2007

I have just booked a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon for next week. I would call it a joint anniversary gift (today is actually our 7th wedding anniversary – how quickly time flies UPDATE: it flies even faster since it is our 8th anniversary), but my husband – who is not a good flier – isn’t entirely sure he plans to go. Since we are going on vacation with my parents, my mother may end up going in his place. As one who loves to fly, I’m looking forward to my first trip in a helicopter – and more importantly, the Grand Canyon itself. I decided on one of the trips with a descent into the canyon. I am thinking this will be the highlight of the vacation (for me at least). I can hardly wait!!!

In addition, we are also going to see Cirque du Soleil – the “O” Show, I think. I was very wishy washy about going to see a show. We – meaning my husband, my mom, my dad and myself – dragged our feet, went back and forth about what we wanted to see. I’m not opposed to Celine Dion, but not in a hurry to spend lots of money to see her – and I doubt I could drag my husband. Fortunately, everyone seemed intrigued by Cirque du Soleil.

I can’t wait!

Happy 30th Anniversary Star Wars!

May 25, 2007

As a slightly obsessed fan, I couldn’t let the occasion pass by without mention. In celebration, I give you a comic Monty Python/Star Wars video mashup from YouTube.

May the force be with you!

What Is Wrong Here?

May 23, 2007

Originally uploaded by ScruffyNerf.

Yeah, I actually wore two different shoes to work today. You may not be able to tell, but one sandal is black and one is brown. Wow!!!

A Goal Meme

May 23, 2007

I was tagged for this goal meme by Eduardo Peirano over on his Onlinesapiens blog. It is a pretty interesting meme – and I had some fun reading different people’s goals. The premise is to list “your best, most exclusive, and over-the-top goals.” Well, I have a confession to make – which will most likely go against every tenet that is set down for professional and personal development – I don’t really do goals. I live very day to day. If I’m unhappy with something, I work to change it (and yes, this may involve setting a goal for myself). These goals change constantly depending on where I am or what I am doing in life. This meant that I really had to think about what I would consider to be my most important, until now unspoken, goals.

  • Finish library school – This goal is almost the entirety of my life right now. I need, I want to be done!!!!!
  • Take better care of myself – Given that library school has taken over my life, I have little time for exercise, personal down time and relaxation. This needs to change. I’m feeling very fat and lazy of late – and this plays havoc with my mental state.
  • Travel more – There are so many fascinating places on this planet – and I would love to see them more. High on my list of priorities would be to see the pyramids in Egypt and tour the ancient ruins, relics, etc. in Greece. I’ve been to London twice – and would find it sad to never go back. However, I loved both Paris and Venice. I’m going to Las Vegas in early June – and have high hopes for that experience (especially since I’m definitely going to see the Grand Canyon).
  • Be happy – This is what I live for. Happiness is the key to everything for me. This is my most important goal.

Again, I won’t tag anyone because I guess although not a goal, it is a rule I live by. However, I’d love to know what your goals are.

Dr. Phil’s Test – I’m a 32

May 23, 2007

Since web quizzes, personality tests, etc. undoubtedly reveal all sorts of fascinating (and always accurate) facts about people, I couldn’t stop myself from taking Dr. Phil’s test. I guess it is making the rounds via email. Given that I don’t ever pass things along, I’m not going to copy the entire email text. I found it via Elizabeth the Librarian’s The Disorganized Librarian blog (who scored a 38). Since you are dying to know what at 32 is, I will post that information.

31 TO 40 POINTS: Others see you as sensible, cautious, careful & practical. They see you as clever, gifted, or talented, but modest. Not a person who makes friends too quickly or easily, but someone who’s extremely loyal to friends you do make and who expect the same loyalty in return. Those who really get to know you realize it takes a lot to shake your trust in your friends, but equally that it takes you a long time to get over if that trust is ever broken.

I have to give this one its due – fairly accurate. Well, it is probably the closest of the 6 categories. Make of it what you will!