Graduation Cookie!!!

May 15, 2008

Graduation Cookie

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This wonderful cookie, baked by one of my coworkers and decorated by another, made all of the hard work over the past two and a half years worth it. A big, chocolate chip cookie with M&M’s and frosting – YUM!

Now, I might feel like I’m done. Who knew that all it would take was a little celebration.


Spring is in Full Bloom

April 25, 2008

Spring in Massachusetts

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The weather here in southeastern Massachusetts has been beautiful of late. As a result, there are so many vibrant colors.

My New Work Space

March 22, 2008

My Work Space
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This is currently the space that I am using to do my homework – and other computer-based stuff. My husband and I threw out our living room furniture this morning. We successfully purchased a new sofa and over-sized chair (with two ottomans). I am sitting on the old, orange ottoman that you see in the picture doing homework waiting for the delivery. I am a bit amazed that we actually bought new furniture today at around 2:50PM and that it will be delivered sometime tonight. It could be as late as midnight, but it will come. Wow!

Meanwhile, I can say that this set up is not optimal. My back is killing me. Did you notice my laundry basket full of school work? This is the sacred repository for all of my paperwork relating to my research project. I’m not really sure how it ended up in this basket, but am pleasantly surprised by how well it works to contain my supporting documents. Hopefully, the new furniture will help to conceal the laundry basket from general view.

Winter Wonderland

December 13, 2007

Winter Wonderland
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Today, we had the first major snowstorm of the fall of 2007. It, of course, caused all sorts of problems especially for driving here in southeastern Massachusetts. Fortunately, the college where I worked closed at 1:00PM. My normal 15 minute commute took a little over a half hour. I am very glad to be home!! Hopefully, it will stop snowing soon – especially since we may be getting a bigger storm this weekend.

Meanwhile, I’m safely ensconced in my fluffy, comfortable and warm pajamas – watching some of my favorite tv shows on DVD and having some fun blogging. Cool!! Tomorrow, I will worry about whether or not I will be able to actually start my Christmas shopping – nevermind whether or not I will be able to actually finish it.

My New Toy

September 8, 2007

My New Phone РOriginally uploaded by ScruffyNerf

In order to feed my hyperconnectednes and my¬†internet addiction, I recently bought a Palm Treo 700w PDA/phone. It is very cool! I’m pretty impressed with the speed of the internet connection – even if I’m still having trouble recognizing its ringtones.

Something That Makes Me Happy

August 21, 2007

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Regardless of how smoothly things seem to be going before the students return at the library where I work, something always happens to muck up the works. It is generally fixable – sometimes the problems are easier to resolve than others. However, stress abounds for me at this time of year. Today, imaging machines in one of our labs is just not working as hoped. I’ve given up for the day in hopes that tomorrow will be filled with a greater measure of success. Sadly, that may be unrealistic. But, I’ve had all I can take today.

So, I’m turning to those things that make me happy for some amount of peace – my Han Solo and Princess Leia wallpaper – and my picture of a Stormtrooper helmet. The helmet is from Nick Malley’s The Yoda Guy Gallery in Saint Marten. Mike & I were lucky enough to meet Mr. Malley on our last visit to Saint Marten. Very cool!!

A Peaceful Evening

August 16, 2007

The Reflecting Pool

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It is a beautiful, although muggy, August evening. I’m enjoying some much needed peace and quiet – and anxiously awaiting a new episode of Burn Notice tonight at 10PM. Life is good!