The Trials and Tribulations of ILS680 – Evaluation & Research

February 19, 2008

Today, I received formal IRB approval to start research/data collection for my ILS680 – Evaluation & Research project. This is a huge weight off of my shoulders. Last week, I was scrambling to get my application completed and get all accompanying material to my professor before she was off to give a presentation out of the country. I had forgotten to mail one critical piece of information to the professor and was getting stressed trying to mail/fax/email/upload/etc. the document to her before she was leaving. She ended up doing most of the running around to get the applications submitted – a big plus for students, especially distance students.

So far, this class has periods of intense activity followed by seemingly endless periods of inactivity where one has to wait for the next step. It takes a bit to get used to. But overall, I think the class is going much better than I had anticipated. This, of course, could be because I have a tendency to always fear the worst. But, I feel good about my research project. I’m excited about being able to start my research (although I admit I’m not looking forward to actually writing the paper).

My current working title is “Impact of Technical Support Models on Computer Self-Efficacy in Academic Library Employees.” Now, I can start thinking about the details. I have so much work to do, but I feel confident that I will be able to do it (Okay, maybe I’m trying to convince myself).