SantaThing – The Most Fun Ever

December 13, 2007

I was deeply intrigued when I read Tim Spalding’s post about LibraryThing’s SantaThing. As I so often do, I read the post, thought about participating and went on to do other things. However, I was on LibraryThing this morning and couldn’t resist signing up. The idea is pretty ingenious: those who want to participate pay $25 to sign up; LibraryThing selects each person’s Secret Santa; then people go to a web page to find out who they get to buy books for; LibraryThing employees actually buy the books and have them shipped to the participants. The Secret Santa page is open to all LibraryThingers, so that everyone can help by making suggestions. Of course, people can’t see their own page – so they do not know what suggestions might have been made or what items have been purchased.

All I can say is that this sounded like fun (ok, maybe in a geeky way – but I’m all about geekiness), and I am so glad that I decided to play along. I do have to say that picking out books for someone was not as easy as I thought it would be. Although the price to participate was $25, one could not spend more than $20.00 for two books. The $5.00 extra is to cover shipping. So, trying to find two books that were available on Amazon from the suggestions that the person I was buying for gave was difficult in itself. And then, I spent a good deal of time trying to get two books that came as close to $20.00 as possible. I mean, I want the person to get the most out of this as possible.

Well, I have made my selections for the person for whom I am playing Secret Santa. I really, really hope that I did a good job. I’m a little bit nervous. Of course, I don’t think there will ever be a way to find out if the person liked the books or not. So, I need not to worry about it. I tried my hardest – and the books were by authors that the person suggested.

Anyway, this was the most fun ever (ok, the most fun I’ve had all week). What a wonderful idea!! Happy Holidays! A big thanks to Tim Spalding and LibraryThing! I promise that I did this to have fun – and that I will indeed be pleasant about whatever books I receive from my Secret Santa.