Library 2.0 Roundup

I’ve put together my Library 2.0 resources. This is pretty much a work in progress to which I will be adding more sites and more citations.

Update – 9/6/2007 – I have updated this list – see Library 2.0 Roundup – Redux.

Blog Posts 

ALA TechSource

Basically – by Megan– by John Blyberg

dave’s blog – by David King

David Lee King – by David Rothman

DrWeb’s Domain

Free Range Librarian – by K.G. Schneider

The Geek Librarian

The Goblin in the Library– by Joshua M. Neff

heyjude – by Judy O’Connell

Idaho Commission for Libraries Blog

Information Wants To Be Free– by Meredith Farkas

IT Matters @ SCSL

j’s scratchpad

jamie’s blog for the library – by Jamie

Jersey Girl Librarian

Knowledge-at-work –by Denham Gray 

The Krafty Librarian

La-La-Librarian – by Lisa Harrington

Last Clear Chance

lauren’s library blog – by Lauren Pressley

Learning Express – by Lori Reed 

libdev– by Sarah Houghton-Jan

Libraries and Life – by Dr. Curtis Rogers – Blog Central for Libraries in Australia

Library Journeys . . .  – by Marie Palmer

Library Juice

library of primitive art

Library of Terror

Library Stuff – by Steven M. Cohen

Library Voice – by Chad Boeninger 

Library Web Chic

Library Zen –by Garrett Hungerford

LibraryCrunch – by Michael Casey

Life Is Better With Commas

LIS::Michael Habib: On Librarianship and the Information Sciences– by Michael Habib

Lis.dom – by Laura Crossett

Lyndy the Librarian


Max Power Blogs


The Other Librarian– by Ryan Deschamps

Participation Literacy

The Questing Librarian – Christie BW

Reference Services

See Also . .  – by Steve Lawson

Something New Every Day

Subject/Object –by Steven Chabot 

Talking with Talis

Tame The Web: Libraries and Technology 


Thoughts from a Library Administrator– by Michael A. Golrick

Tom Roper’s Weblog

The Ubiquitous Librarian

A Wandering Eyre – by Jane/Michelle Boule

Wanderings of a Student Librarian – by Joy Weese Moll

What I Learned Today . . .– by Nicole Engard

Yarra Plenty Online Learning





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  • Straight Answers from Edward Vielmetti. American Libraries, 37(9), September 2006, p.15.

Library 2.0 Blogs


17 Responses to Library 2.0 Roundup

  1. Thanks for including my post! That’s very flattering. Except…my name’s not Jason Griffey.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Joshua, thanks for point that out. That is what I get for cutting and pasting in WordPress’s text editor (which combined with my very tired brain cells isn’t the best for putting these types of posts together). I have corrected the error!!!!

  3. rochelle says:

    Phenomenal resource, Jennifer!

  4. bonaria says:

    Hi! thank u for including my post in you useful list!

  5. You might consider adding Cites & Insights 6:2 (Library 2.0 and “Library 2.0”),, and possibly the followup “Finding a Balance, Libraries and Librarians” (–but since the first is already cited within a couple of the items you do include, you could also make a case for not providing the direct reference.

  6. Oops. The first link is incomplete: it needs to be
    Sorry about that–and thanks for adding the articles!

  7. Jennifer says:

    Hi Walt! Thanks for the links. Both articles were on my list of resources to add to this post. Finding a Balance, Libraries and Librarians is one of my favorite articles from Cites and Insights (and one that I have read several times over). I have to say that as the list stand it only has about half of my compiled resources. Like many students, I have many incomplete references – and need to track down the correct references before I add the item. I owe you a big thanks for providing the citation information for me for your articles – it made adding them much easier. With school/work/life, I can only add so many links at a time – and I can admit to feeling a little bit tired of citations (I’m seeing them in my sleep right about now!!!!).

  8. You’re welcome. It’s an interesting/impressive list (with some resources I hadn’t seen). And, of course, thanks for the kind words on Finding a Balance. That theme, certainly not limited to Library 2.0 (or copyright, where I’d used it in a previous issue), is becoming one of my Big Ongoing Things…

  9. Jennifer, I’m retrofitting a talk I gave in South Africa earlier this month to add this as a key citation. It’s an excellent list.

  10. Jennifer says:

    I’m glad that people are finding the list useful – that makes all of the work worth it!!!

  11. […] Life as I know it上列出了一个长长的Library 2.0 Roundup。值得一览。可惜Wordpress站点被GWFed了,没办法,为了方便只好存了个mht在自己的googlepages里,通过这里可以方便地访问其中罗列的链接了。点击这个Library 2.0 Roundup即可。 Comments » […]

  12. Brian Gray says:

    Thank you for including my presentation.

    I need to go through your list to make sure I am aware of all these wonderful resources.

  13. Great post Jennifer, lots of really focused resources on L2. If you do any additions, please keep InfoTangle in mind! Ellyssa

  14. wikipedia says:

    Wikipedia is the key to most success online, when it comes to collabritive content adding. I have spent many hours writing articles for Jimmy Wales and am very happy with this project. I am based in Seminole FL close to the wikipedia offices in St Petersburg. I love contributing!

    Happy New Year Bloggers!

  15. heikki says:

    OpacOnline is a new open-source OPAC solution aimed at creating a superb unobtrusive user experience. Through smart high-performance search technology the user finds relevant results effortless. In addition OpacOnline offers “did you mean”, fuzzy search, and other goodies. We welcome very much your comments on OpacOnline, a demo of which you can see at Please give us your feedback (mail to Thank you very much.

  16. There are some great resources here and anyone serious in the 2.0 platform can gain a lot of knowledge.

  17. […] Library 2.0 Roundup (Life as I Know It) […]

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